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SteamPunk Style Environment Art

Here I have the pleasure to present you my final project of my Master's Degree in Videogame Art with Unversal Arts School.
As you can see on the pictures and video this environment is a fully playable level created un Unreal Engine 4, endowed of cultural features from Liverpool where I am currently living but with a steampunk style.

This project was entirely created by me, starting from taking references and level design, such as the creation of 3D assets and textures. I also implemented many optimization process for the level to be playable at a range of 60 fps but always guaranteeing the best visual quality possible. Some of such process were the use of combined AO, Metallic and Roughness textures, the use of tileable textures for vertex painting and some LOD work in certain assets. I did also the entire ilumination process as well as the the use of the second UVs texture's sets for lightmaps. The scene is also full of collisions on each asset to make the gameplay possible.
In terms of artistic features I did also created each sequence for the final video where we can also see the implementation of particle systems such as the rain. Finally I would also like to mention the importance of the emissive specialy of the windows where we can also notice some parallax techniques to improve the realism of themself.

If you want to see a bit about the behind the scenes of the project please visit the next entry on my ArtStation Profile.

I hope you like it!